Shamanic Healing

What is Core Shamanism?

Core Shamanism is based on commonly shared practices of shamanism found worldwide in a variety of cultures. This shamanic approach also draws on journeying as a method to inform the practitioners. Core Shamanism does not identify with any one lineage or cultural path of Shamanism, but rather draws on like qualities found in many traditions around the world. Michael Harner was the original founder of what is known as Core Shamanism. After extensive research and practice with shamanic practitioners around the globe, he honed in on shamanic practices he saw practiced again and again in different cultures worldwide and has brought them forth in Core Shamanism.

Shamanic Healing Sessions can support a person in various ways:

  • clearing negative energies or thought patterns one may have picked up and or simply what no longer serves an individual
  • clearing sickness and imbalances from the body, mind or heart
  • increasing one’s wholeness and vitality through soul retrieval
  • empowering one’s life-force energy through retrieving soul parts that have separated due to challenging life circumstances or trauma
  • nourishing one’s personal power (energy) through the retrieval of a power animal (an animal ally in the spirit world)
  • supporting an individual to find guidance on questions in their life through divination


What does a shamanic healing session typically look like?

A client is invited to share their reason for wanting a session. Aiyana, the shamanic practitioner, will then ask the client for their permission to journey on their behalf to see if she can be of healing service to the client and what healing work is recommended. Once the journey is complete Aiyana will follow up to set up an appointment. In-person appointments are preferred, but for non-local clients or if one does not wish to meet in-person, online (Zoom) or phone sessions are available.  in the case of distance or a lack of mobility other arrangements can be made. Initial sessions typically last 75-90 min, varying on what arises during the session (see rates below).

Shamanic healing feels akin to energy work in many ways as it works on clearing blockages (energetically, emotionally, physically, etc) through extraction work and empowering a client through power animal retrievals and soul retrievals. Aiyana uses rattles, drumming and sometimes other sound like chanting/toning to support the healing process. After some discussion time at the beginning of the session, the client is invited to lie down and rest/relax while the healing is being performed. After the healing is complete, there is time to discuss and digest the session through further dialogue.

Payment is due at the time of service.

Contact us If you would like more information or have interest in receiving a Shamanic Healing Session with Aiyana Athenian.


Shamanic Healing Sessions include the following Shamanic Healing practices:

Shamanic Divination- Guidance on Life Questions

A common practice of shamanic practitioners is to journey into non-ordinary realms through drumming, rattling, meditative practices, etc to seek guidance to questions. This can be done as part of a shamanic healing session for the practitioner to simply gain insight on what healing practices may best serve a client or it may be used when a client has a particular life question that they would like help with.


Extraction- Clearing unwanted energies

Throughout life people can develop imbalances from stressful lifestyles, challenging events, picking up on negative emotions/energies around them, etc. Over time these patterns or energies we pick up can leave us feeling low in energy, unwell, having regular “bad luck” or depleted in our personal power. Extraction can help clear negative patterns, energetically, mentally, emotionally, physically, etc.

Extraction involves scanning the subtle body for energies that are not serving the individual and then removing them. Once the unwanted “energies” are cleared, one often feels lighter and can begin to experience more balance.


Power Animal Retrieval and the Restoration of Power

In Shamanism it is believed that when one experiences significant challenges in their life, one of the causes can be that the person has lost some or most of their personal power (life force energy) and may not be connected with their Spirit Helpers who provide protection.

Power can be returned to an individual in various ways. One of the most common ways that shamanic practitioners work with Spirit Helpers to restore one’s power is through a Power Animal Retrieval. Through a shamanic journey, the practitioner brings back a power animal who will support the individual as a protective ally in ordinary reality.

There are othermethods shamanic practitioners may use to support the return of one’s personal power such as a Power Pass, or energy transfer. This practice is often incorporated into healing sessions.


Soul Retrieval- Restoring missing soul parts

In Shamanism it is believed that at times portions of one’s soul may separate energetically due to a challenging life situation, trauma, familial issues or stress, embarrassment, illness, etc. When a soul portion is missing, there is a dissipation of one’s personal power through that “hole.” This often manifests as low energy, psychological distress, not feeling “all here,” feeling lost or confused and physical imbalances or illness.

The shamanic practitioner can journey with the aid of their helping spirits to retrieve a missing soul part. Sometimes extraction, or a clearing, is necessary first to remove what may no longer be serving an individual. This can help make space and ready the ground for the soul part to be returned. Typically when a soul portion has been returned, one feels more whole, at ease and balanced. This can be a subtle shift or quite remarkable at times. Soul retrievals can be performed on an individual multiple times.


Psychopomp- Assisting with transitions after death

Psychopomp, supporting the transition of the deceased, to a peaceful resting place is a classical shamanic practice. Some spirits can end up a bit lost after they pass and can use assistance crossing over to where they can rest at ease. Some living family members notice signs of the deceased spirit lingering around them or their home and may wish to ask a shamanic practitioner for assistance in helping the spirit to transition fully. The shamanic practitioner, with the permission of the family member(s) as well as permission from the spirit, can help guide the spirit to a peaceful afterlife.

This practice is done free of charge.

Session Rates and Packages

Sacred Dream Shamanic Healing Session- Initial Session

An initial session typically lasts 75-90 minutes, depending on what the helping spirits indicate that the client needs. This session includes discussion time at the start when the client can share more of what they need/want with the shamanic practitioner, the healing session and integration time at the end when the practitioner and client can unpack what arose in the session. The shamanic practices used will be determined at the session, based upon guidance from the shamanic practitioner’s helping spirits. Available online (Zoom), phone or in-person.

| 75-90 min – Sliding Scale: $100- $150 (please pay what is comfortable for you in this range).

Follow-Up Sessions

Following an initial session, the client may wish to return for further healing or may feel called to check in periodically. Sometimes the shamanic practitioner will indicate when the helping spirits suggested an additional session after the initial one. Follow-up sessions may build off the initial session or may explore other healing an individual needs. Online, phone or in-person available.

| $Sliding Scale: 60 min – $75-$100, 90 min $100-$150

3-Session Package

Includes the initial 90-min healing session with two 60-min follow-up sessions. Available in-person or via Zoom. | $275 Must be used within 6 months. 

Sessions currently available online (via Zoom) or by phone. Coming soon in-person in the Rogue Valley of Oregon.


Please don’t let finances be a hindrance to getting a session. If you need an additional discount to the sliding scale available, please contact us.