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Online Yoga Nidra Teacher Training- October 2022

October 4 - October 31

Performing yoga nidra outdoors on a grassy hillside

Tuesday - Monday, October 4 - 31, 2022

Instructors: Krishna Peter Perry and Aiyana Athenian

Schedule: 4-week Online Certification Course.

Location: Online

Register by August 15 to save $100 with our early registration discount.

We invite you to experience and become certified in Yoga Nidra, the science of deep relaxation. Yoga means “union.” Nidra means “sleep.” Yoga Nidra is a state between sleep and deep relaxation. It is a systematic method of inducing deep physical, mental, and emotional relaxation. The practice is done while lying down on one’s back. The eyes are closed and the body made completely comfortable. It involves deep relaxation with inner awareness while the instructor leads a guided session with his/her voice. The teacher uses auto-suggestion cues, visualization, and affirmation to create an environment in which healing can occur.

A few of the benefits now being confirmed by the medical field are increased immune function, digestive function, and better sleep. The gifts of Yoga Nidra are the releasing of old habits, fatigue, worry, and stress. Yoga Nidra can be practiced by anyone of any size or shape. This is not a physical exercise but rather a technique for physical rejuvenation, mental relaxation, spiritual growth, and overall wellness. According to yogic thought, unregulated stress is the root of most physical and mental ailments today. The secret of Yoga Nidra (and to better health) lie in its ability to relieve tension and stress at its root and restore a balanced state of mind and a deeply rested body.

This 4-week, 30 hour course certifies yoga teachers and others to lead Yoga Nidra sessions in both group and individualized settings. In order to share the deeply healing practice of Yoga Nidra, the instructors have recorded four video sessions (one for each week of the course) comprised of a combination of yoga, pranayama, and Yoga Nidra, to help you deeply feel the benefits of this ancient tradition. Participants will learn about the philosophy and science behind the age-old practice of Yoga Nidra with over six hours of philosophy lectures. Additional video materials include four to five hours of technical material exploring the various stages that comprise a Yoga Nidra session and learning about various types of Yoga Nidras. One weekly recorded Q&A session is offered in which participants can ask questions beforehand that the instructors address in the recorded session.

This course is perfect for yoga instructors wanting to gain a new skill to offer to their students and anyone interested in learning about this spiritual, healing practice for his/her own growth and/or to share with others. Upon completion of the course graduates will receive a certificate of completion and can register the hours with Yoga Alliance for 30 CEs.

Online Format

The Online Yoga Nidra TT includes:

  • 1 Sadhana (3 pre-recorded videos) per week for 4 weeks, including an asana practice, a pranayama practice, and a Yoga Nidra (approximately 1.5 hrs/week)
  • 1 Yoga Nidra Philosophy Recording (pre-recorded) per week for 4 weeks (approximately 90-120 min/week)
  • 1 Yoga Nidra Technique Video (pre-recorded) per week for 3 weeks (approximately 90 min/week)

There are also usually 2 homework assignments each week, including written prompts in response to the videos, Yoga Nidra practice teaching. This course also includes an opportunity to connect with other course participants on an online forum. The instructors are available throughout the course to answer questions online and offer weekly recorded Q&A sessions in response to participants questions each week. Allot about 7-8 hours/week for completion of all course material. All course content is pre-recorded and can be completed at one’s own pace each week of the course during the designated course dates. Participants have access to the online classroom for 3 months after the course ends and can download all documents and save recording links for on-going access after the course ends.

yoga nidra recording cover

Yoga Nidra Recording

Check out the ShivaShakti Yoga Nidra recording available on Amazon & iTunes!

Tuition for October 2022 Online Course

Early Registration Rate: Registered by August 15, 2022: $295.00 USD

Regular Rate: Registered by September 27, 2022: $395.00 USD

Registration: To register for the Yoga Nidra training, submit the application below.

Scholarships: We have $100 scholarships available for this training. Please Contact us for details on how to apply for a scholarship. They are awarded on a first-come first-serve basis, so early registration is recommended if you are interested in a scholarship.

Continuing Education Credits: 30 non-contact CE hours are available with Yoga Alliance for the Yoga Nidra Certification Course. Please notify us before the training if you wish to receive CEs.


Admissions Procedures:

Application Deadline for Oct 2022 Online Course: September 27, 2022

Step 1: Fill out and submit the application below or contact us to receive an application by mail.

Step 2: Once an application has been submitted, you will be redirected to a payment page. Please submit full payment for the course. Once your application and payment are received, your application will be reviewed. An application will not be reviewed without payment.

Step 3: An acceptance packet, which includes additional information about the training will be e-mailed to the applicant within 2 weeks after the application and payment have been received.

Please only submit an application if you are seriously planning to attend if accepted. Thank you.

ShivaShakti School of Yoga does not discriminate based on gender, race, color, religion, sexual orientation, age or body shape.

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