How to Find a Spiritual Teacher: The Pipilika Marga or the Way of the Ant

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A student recently asked me about finding a “teacher”. She was not referring to a yoga teacher or even a spiritual guide, but rather to a Living Master that could illuminate her way on the spiritual path. “What do I do in the mean time, while I even don’t have a teacher?” she asked. It was such great question from a really sincere heart space and so I contemplated the question. Here are some of my thoughts.

As I searched with ...

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Lessons and Blessings in the First Year of Teaching Yoga

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No one is wise by birth; for wisdom results from one’s own efforts.


I did something that most people don’t do.

I quit working at a job where I was comfortable and knew what I was doing, and I decided to start over doing something that made me anxious, completely uncomfortable, and I had zero experience doing.

My journey through the first year as a yoga teacher was nerve wracking, blissful, eye opening and heart expanding! I began ...

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