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Dinacharya- Ayurvedic Daily Habits for health and well-being

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A set of daily habits, rituals, or routines that guide us, like the natural rhythms of nature. 


“Wise people who desire happiness in this world and the next, should make great efforts in practicing wholesomeness of diet, conduct, and actions.” 

(Ref: Astanga Hr. Dayam, Su. Chapter 2)


There is a change in the late summer season, are you feeling the shift? Here in Maine we are having cooler evenings and mornings, and a little less ...

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An Ayurvedic Spring: Food for the Season

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Namaste Dear Sangha!

Greetings from the Northeast woods of Maine! Despite it officially being spring, the snow is still present- albeit slowly receding. The nights are cold and our wood stoves stay warm. Yet the lengthening days with increasing sunlight give us great hope. Our maple trees are tapped, and the sap is slowly dripping on sunny days, filling the buckets. I boiled the first batches of sap into syrup and put it up for next year. As I ...

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