2 women stand in Virabhadrasana II
Photo Credit: Dorie Klein Photography

300-Hour YTT Details


ShivaShakti requires Advanced YTT applicants to have completed a 200-Hour Yoga Alliance-approved Teacher Training.  Applicants are encouraged to have a strong personal yoga practice before applying to any of the advanced yoga teacher training modules. Please contact us for more information.

In order to receive the Yoga Alliance 300-Hour Advanced Certification as a ShivaShakti Advanced Yoga Teacher, participants must complete 7 to 9* ShivaShakti advanced training modules within a 3 year span (from the start date of the initial module or January 1, 2015 if you have taken modules prior to 2015.)

Students must apply to and pay for each module separately. For a list of modules, click here.

*The number of modules required varies based on the number and length of retreat immersions taken. Seven modules are required if one participants in a single 10-day retreat immersion or two retreats with a minimum of 8 total retreat days. Eight modules are required if one participates in a single 5-day retreat immersion or two 3-day retreats and nine modules are required if one participates in a single 3-day retreat immersion. When taking more than one retreat for credit they must be of a different theme (different title.)


Each module is registered for and paid for separately. Please visit the individual module/retreat pages for cost, early registration deadlines, and registration. Click here for a list of all modules.

ShivaShakti AYTT Scholarship

ShivaShakti offers $100 scholarships for Advanced Yoga Teacher Training modules. An AYTT student may apply for up to three $100 scholarships for individual, non-consecutive modules in his/her order of taking them. The scholarship is applied directly towards the cost of tuition. If interested in applying for a scholarship or for more information please contact us.