Advanced YTT Modules and Retreat Immersion

As for July 1, 2019 enrollment is currently closed to new students for the ShivaShakti 300-hr AYTT. If you have already taken some modules with us, then it is still possible to complete the 300-hr in 2020, but it depends on which modules you have previously completed as not all will be offered in 2020.

Requirements for SSAYTT 300-hour Yoga Alliance Certification:

One must choose and complete seven to nine* of the training modules (including the required modules) and one or two* retreat immersion(s) within a 3-year time span of the first completed module.

*The number of modules required varies based on the number and length of retreat immersions taken. Seven modules are required if one participants in a single 7-10 day retreat immersion or two retreats with a minimum of 7 total retreat days. Eight modules are required if one participates in a single 5-day retreat immersion or two 3-day retreats and nine modules are required if one participates in a single 3-day retreat immersion. When taking more than one retreat for credit they must be of a different theme (different title.)

Update on the 300-hr AYTT as of January 2019: We can only guarantee that all in-person modules will be offered regularly through 1/1/21. Therefore, anyone registering for the 300-hr from this point forward needs to be prepared to complete all in-person modules by 1/1/21. After that date online courses will still be available as well as retreats, but the in-person modules may or may not be offered with any regularity.

Module and Retreat Immersion Descriptions

Below is a brief overview of each module. The topics listed here are not inclusive of everything covered in each module. For a more detailed description of each module, including the instructors and upcoming scheduled dates, click here or click the specific module title below for a full course description. Each module is a 4-day course including approximately 30 hours of in-class study. Some modules require pre-reading or other homework assignments to be completed before the module begins.

Ayurvedic Yoga Teacher Training

Participants explore the sister science to yoga, Ayurveda. In this module, students gain competency with the 5 elements, 3 doshas, Ayurvedic lifestyle practices, and the personalizing of yoga based on one’s doshic constitution. Other topics include doshic specific meditation, pranayama, and mantras and the 3 gunas. Available in an online or in-person format.

Applied Anatomy & Physiology for Yoga Teachers**

Deepen and expand your teaching skills through in-depth study of applied anatomy and physiology for the yoga practitioner. A portion of this module is devoted to working with common physical imbalances seen in the yoga classroom. A strong focus on the musculo-skeletal system, looking at the muscles, bones, fascia, and kinesiology is included. This course offers instruction in safe and effective teaching of poses using anatomically correct cues.

Yoga Nidra Teacher Training

Through the study of two prominent lineages of Yoga Nidra, one learns the major stages of a traditional Yoga Nidra practice. A background study of the philosophical theory of Yoga Nidra is offered to enhance one’s understanding of the technical practice. Participants both receive and lead daily Yoga Nidras in this module. One learns how Yoga Nidra offers physical rejuvenation, mental relaxation, spiritual growth, and overall wellness.

Asana, Alignment, Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra & Sanskrit Intensive**

Through the practice and study of an Iyengar-influenced Hatha Yoga practice, participants hone their asana through a strong emphasis on traditional alignment. Intensive workshop-style asana classes focus on deepening the participants’ practices as well as the application in teaching. Complementing the work of the physical body, Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras are studied to give yoga teachers a more comprehensive view of the scope of classical yoga.  A portion of this module is also devoted to Sanskrit language study.

Bhagavad Gita & Bhakti Yoga Intensive

Explore the spiritual heart of yoga through the practice of chanting. This module features an experiential and philosophical exploration into the path of Bhakti Yoga through kirtan, mantra, and talks on this branch of yoga. A study into the basic structure and key verses of the Bhagavad Gita, exploring karma and bhakti yogas is also a focus of this module.

Pranayama & Meditation Teacher Training**

In this module participants gain an in-depth understanding of the theory, practice, and effective teaching of pranayama and the stages of meditation. Through daily pranayama classes and practice teaching sessions, participants learn how to create a variety of pranayama sequences for specific needs. Accompanying the daily practice of pranayama are daily meditation practices that explore a variety of meditation styles. Participants not only build or strengthen their own meditation practices, but also learn how to lead students in meditation sessions.

Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training

Participants receive a strong foundation in teaching asana, pranayama, and meditation to pregnant women to both relax and strengthen her body and mind.  All three trimesters are covered in detail including the development of the woman’s body and that of the growing baby. A strong emphasis is placed on understanding the anatomical and physiological changes happening within a body during pregnancy and how yoga can support the health of a pregnant woman. Participants will learn how to adapt yoga poses to suit a pregnant body and how to sequence prenatal yoga classes.

Yoga for Seniors Teacher Training

This module provides participants with the skills to teach yoga in a safe and supportive manner to seniors. Common physical issues that will need accommodation in a class with seniors will be addressed as well as the spiritual issues of aging.

Mantra Yoga Immersion

This intensive delves into the mystical power of Mantra, Kirtan and Yogic Deities. This course includes in-depth discourses on the philosophical roots of mantra as well as transmission of proper pronunciation and clear insight into mantra practice. During this program practitioners will examine their own relationship to the indwelling consciousness as it manifests through sacred sound.

Yoga Philosophy for Yoga Teachers Course (Level 1 and 2)

These courses take you through a yogic philosophical framework which define technical terms, concepts and theory and then it will be bring to life through living examples, practical applications and metaphor all the while remaining true to the principles of yogic philosophy.


ShivaShakti Advanced Yoga Teacher Training Retreat Immersion

Radiance & Rejuvenation: A Yoga, Meditation & Ayurveda Immersion Retreat (10-day format)**

The retreat immersion unites the practices of yoga, meditation and Ayurveda. At a peaceful oasis in the countryside of South India, participants sink deep into yogic sadhana with regular daily practice. There is a strong emphasis on Ayurveda in this retreat and participants receive daily Ayurvedic treatments to support balance and rejuvenation.

Big Sky Retreat: Awakening Creativity through Yantra Painting, Yoga & Meditation (7-day format)**

The retreat immersion invites one’s creativity to open through the practices of Yantra paining, Kundalini Yoga and silent meditation. Held in the stunning environment of Ghost Ranch Retreat in northern New Mexico, participants sink deep into yogic sadhana with regular daily practice. Vedic astrology is interwoven throughout the retreat with a focus on planetary yantras, mantras that invoke the energy of the planets and evening talks about the archetypes of the planets and their influence in our lives.

Silence & Simplicity: A Yoga & Meditation Immersion Retreat (5-day format)**

The retreat module emphasizes entering social silence in order to recognize one’s own heart and soul. This immersion into yogic living cultivates deep sadhana and inner silence within one’s self. The safe and nurturing retreat experience often reveals a profound level of inner peace. In that field of inner silence and peace there opens a whole field of choice to embody the heart’s authentic desire.

Invoking the Goddess: A Yoga & Meditation Immersion Retreat (3-day format)

This retreat module celebrates the Goddess energy that exists in all people through the use of meditation, mantra, yoga and nature. Through social silence and immersion into yogic living in a pristine natural setting one can cultivate the creative Goddess energy within her/his own heart and soul. The safe and nurturing retreat experience often reveals a profound level of inner peace. In that field of inner silence and peace there opens a whole field of choice to embody the heart’s authentic desire.

**Required modules/retreat.