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300-Hour Yoga Teacher Training

As for July 1, 2019 enrollment is currently closed to new students for the ShivaShakti 300-hr AYTT. If you have already taken some modules with us, then it is still possible to complete the 300-hr in 2020, but it depends on which modules you have previously completed as not all will be offered in 2020. For more info, click here

The ShivaShakti Advanced Yoga Teacher Training is a 300-Hour Yoga Alliance-approved course. Graduates of any 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training may take the ShivaShakti 300-Hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training. Upon completion of the ShivaShakti 300-hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training, graduates may register with Yoga Alliance at the 500-hour RYT level. The SAYTT offers yoga teachers and dedicated yoga practitioners an opportunity to expand the depth and breadth of their yogic knowledge and experience in a nurturing and holistic environment. Participants take a journey deep within, and through inner discovery strengthen their skills for sharing the gifts of yoga with their local communities and world. This advanced course is offered in a number of 4-day modules along with one or two 3-10 day retreat immersion(s). The modules are offered in a flexible format and can be taken in any order, allowing participants to attend the Advanced YTT at a pace that works for their lifestyles. Participants receive the Advanced Yoga Teacher Certification once all necessary modules are completed (spanning no more than 3 years from the start date of the first module attended.*) Several of these modules are also stand-alone certification courses or intensives that participants may attend without planning to complete the entire Advanced YTT. For a full list of all modules click here.

This program offers yoga teachers and practitioners the opportunity to deepen their journey on the yogic path; skills to further their teaching; and an understanding of yoga in a wide-ranging context. The various modules focus on major branches of yoga: raja yoga, bhakti yoga, jnana yoga and karma yoga. Modules include topics such as advancing one’s asana, pranayama, and meditation along with mantra and kirtan. Additional modules include topics from yogic philosophy and Sanskrit to hands-on corrections/assists to teaching to specialty populations.

The focus of the asana taught in the AYTT is two-fold. First, participants can expect to deepen their own asana knowledge through long-held postures focused on precise alignment to enhance awareness of the subtleties of the body and to create a meditative state within asana practice. Secondly, there is a strong emphasis on advanced anatomy and physiology to support a greater understanding of the body, reducing injury in yoga practice/teaching. Through an in-depth study of the musculo-skeletal system (including muscles, bones, fascia, and kinesiology) participants hone their teaching skills through safe and effective practice of anatomically correct cuing.

In addition to asana, the AYTT encourages the next level of yogic experience through in-depth study of pranayama, meditation, and yogic philosophy. Participants will not only learn how to deepen their own pranayama and meditation practices, but also how to lead others in these practices in class and retreat formats. Participants can expect to expand their knowledge of the vast world of yoga through the study of the timeless, universal teachings of yogic philosophy. This program includes study into Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, the Bhagavad Gita, and in-depth Sanskrit study. These teachings are presented in a manner through which the modern yoga practitioner can utilize these ancient teachings in today’s world.

In addition to the various training modules, the AYTT requires attendance in at least one silent yoga and meditation retreat immersion. The retreat module emphasizes entering social silence in order to recognize one’s own heart and soul. This immersion into yogic living cultivates deep sadhana and inner silence within one’s self. The safe and nurturing retreat experience often reveals a profound level of inner peace. In that field of inner silence and peace there opens a whole field of choice to embody the heart’s authentic desire.


*The 3-year time span requirement went into effect January 1, 2015. For 200-hour CYT’s/RYT’s who have completed ShivaShakti Advanced modules prior to January 1, 2015 credit still applies toward the Advanced certification, but the 3-year time span did not apply until January 1, 2015. If you are a CYT/RYT and have attended a ShivaShakti Advanced YTT module prior to January 1, 2015 and would like the hours applied toward ShivaShakti Advanced YTT certification, please contact us to make this known. 





Advanced Yoga Teacher Training Curriculum:

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Techniques | 120 hours 

Includes demonstration, alignment, practice, and theory of Hatha yogasana, advanced pranayama, various styles of meditation, yoga nidra, mantra, and kirtan.

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Anatomy and Philosophy | 50 hours 

A scientific, hands-on approach to human A&P in regards to yoga practices. Includes the therapeutic application of yoga on various systems of the body, as well as contraindications for the yoga practitioner. An in-depth study of the musculo-skeletal system is covered through lecture and practice. Through study into Thai Yoga Dynamic Assisted Stretching, practitioners gain an experiential, hands-on understanding of the muscular system as well as an introduction into feeling the energetic anatomy within the body.

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Philosophy, Lifestyle, Ethics 60 hours 

Lectures and discussions over two classic texts on yogic philosophy: Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras and the Bhagavad Gita. A series of classes also delve into the study and usage of Sanskrit. A module in this program is devoted to the study of Ayurveda for the yoga practitioner. The Ayurvedic focus includes study of the doshas, gunas, ayuryoga, and lifestyle practices for the yoga practitioner.

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Teaching Methodology | 25 hours 

Includes various aspects of teaching yoga, including demonstration, observation, hands-on adjustments, sequencing, voice, etc. The student will deepen his/her understanding and experience of adjustments and assists through study of Thai Yoga Dynamic Assisted Stretching. Use of the Ayurvedic doshas is applied to teaching yoga, giving yoga teachers the skills to customize their classes to the needs of individual students. How to lead pranayama and meditation classes is also covered. Teaching effectively to specific populations such as pregnant women and children are additional areas of study.

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Practicum | 15 hours 

Teacher trainees hone their teaching skills under the guidance of the faculty. Through specific teaching practices such as leading yoga nidras, Ayuryoga classes, prenatal routines, children’s classes, meditation sits, and more participants broaden and deepen their yogic offerings.

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What our Graduates Have to Say:

  • Every time I take a training at ShivaShakti School of Yoga, I say it’s the best training I’ve ever taken. I’m so glad I chose this school for both my 200-hour and my Advanced Yoga Teacher Training. I am grateful for the depth of the trainings they offer and for always honoring the sacredness of the ancient traditions of yoga. Such a gift to have access to this level of training right here in Maine and so close to home. I adore my teachers and regularly recommend ShivaShakti School of Yoga to anyone I know who is considering Yoga Teacher Training.–K. N., Yoga Teacher & Massage Therapist

  • I had a wonderful experience with this training! I so appreciated the devotion to the origins of yoga, with a perfect balance of modern, Western interpretation. We covered material thoroughly, with sufficient opportunities to integrate and process. All parts of the program were delivered in a very safe, supportive, loving environment.
    –A. K., Sound Therapist

  • The teachers and the quality of the programs offered is well beyond expectations. They truly care about being true to the teachings of yoga and the quality of programs offered by their school. I am forever grateful that I have studied and advanced my teaching skills with this school. I plan to continue taking courses offered through ShivaShakti for as long as I can.–K. H., Yoga Teacher & Massage Therapist

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300-Hour YTT Faculty:

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This program is taught by several very experienced yoga instructors who specialize in particular areas of yoga study and teaching. ShivaShakti AYTT faculty support participants’ development through dedicated teaching and the holding of sacred space for contemplation and inner growth.

Krishna Peter Perry, Cofounder and Co-Director SSSY, E-RYT 500
Primary AYTT instructor
Aiyana Athenian, Cofounder and Co-Director SSSY, E-RYT 500
Primary AYTT instructor
Mara Crans, MD, CYT
Colleen Duggan, Certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher
Prem Sadasivananda, CYT
Jessica Shepard, RYT, rCYT
Dawn Tassi, RN, CYT
Antonia Small, RYT

300-HR AYTT Details

For more information on the requirements and costs for our 300-Hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training, please click the Learn More button now. More information on various advanced offerings can be found from the modules page.