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Become a Family-Friendly Yoga Studio

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Any yoga school owner will agree, getting new students in your studio is hard
work. It can take a long time to generate that flow of students that will increase your
membership and revenue numbers. Becoming known as a family friendly business is
extremely important in order to reach a larger demographic and increase student

Most yoga studios focus on adults. This is great but you are ignoring a huge part
of the population that can benefit from yoga immensely, kids. Local school, after school
childcare, and other children groups are finding that yoga and meditation are great tool in
teaching focus, mindfulness, self awareness, and compassion. These are qualities lacking
in a great number of people. Parents want there children to succeed and are searching fro
methods to develop these characteristics in their children. Offering yoga to kids in not
only great for them but also opens a door for the parents to recognize the benefits of yoga
and might want to try yoga themselves.

Many families are looking for activities they can do together. People love to have
a workout companion. If you can sign up more than one member of the family you not
only have another student but you have created a partnership that will work to encourage
each other and keep each other consistent. I suggest offering a variety of classes for men,
women, children and families. For a family class you can easily take a children's yoga
class and adjust it to make it worth while for a parent to be involved. Ex) while kids hop
around like a frog the parents can hold the low squat, while parents are in downward dog
the kids can walk around in dog under the parents, or try group breathing exercises.
Offering a variety of classes for the family gives people options. A busy family is
going to look to take their family to one location for one or two activities, saving them
from driving around town. If they have a few classes to pick from they can chose a class
that works for them at that moment.

A family attending your studio is a part of the community of the school. When
people start yoga they don’t always know what they are getting into. Yoga has such a
powerful effect on their minds, bodies, and hearts that they want to link up with other
people who are having similar experiences, so they begin to chat before class or go out
for tea afterwards. Teachers can encourage this by allowing time and space for students
to get to know each other before class. As a teacher you should know all of your students
names and recognize their needs or just be able to introduce everyone to each other. The
next step would be to suggest an outside activity. A group hike with some asana or
pranayama, a beach outing with a light yoga practice, maybe even a clean up event where
you pick up trash at a local park.

The larger variety of students you have, the more family members you have
involved, and the more welcoming community you create at your yoga studio the
stronger your student retention will be. You will have more people talking about events,
experiences, and fun activities to peek interest in others.


About the Author:

Shihan Sadie Landry is a 7th degree black belt, Chief instructor and owner of Pelletier’s Karate in Lewiston. She has been teaching martial arts and fitness classes for over 20 years. She has her 200 hour certification from the ShivaShakti School of Yoga and has been teaching a variety of yoga classes for adults and children for over six years. Currently she has been in the public schools teaching mindfulness and meditation to students. Sadie instructs in some of the ShivaShakti Thai Yoga Bodywork trainings and is on faculty in the ShivaShakti 200-hr YTT.
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