ShivaShakti Advanced Yoga Teacher Training

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The ShivaShakti Advanced Yoga Teacher Training (SSAYTT) is a 300-Hour Yoga Alliance approved course, which combined with a 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training, certifies teachers at the 500-Hour Level.  The SSAYTT offers yoga teachers and dedicated yoga practitioners an opportunity to expand the depth and breadth of their yogic knowledge and experience in a nurturing and holistic environment.  Participants will take a journey deep within, and through inner discovery and the support of staff and peers strengthen their skills for sharing light and peace in the world through the path of yoga.  This advanced course is taught in three 9-day modules, which can be taken in any order.  Participants receive the 500-Hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Certification once all three modules are completed (spanning no more than 3 years from the start date of the first module attended.)


This program offers yoga teachers and practitioners the opportunity to deepen one's personal journey on the yogic path, skills to further one's teaching and an understanding of yoga in a universal context.  On an individual level, the SSAYTT provides participants with the tools and know-how to live an authentic, yogic lifestyle.  A yogic lifestyle being a life of yoga, a life of union with one's most authentic self integrated into the world.  This program includes the customizing of one's personal practice through the teachings of Vedanta, Tantra and Ayurveda.  ShivaShakti staff support the students' growth through mentored teaching and the holding of sacred space for contemplation and inner growth.  In order to realize one's authentic expression, one needs to cultivate uninterrupted periods of time with one's self, which the SSAYTT emphasizes through one's sadhana (spiritual practice.)  Daily mantra, kirtan, meditation, pranayama and asana are integral to the student's growth in the program.  Students deepen their meditation and chanting through regular practice and learn advanced pranayama.  The focus of the asana taught in the SSAYTT is to take the practitioner into a state of meditation while holding poses for extended periods of time. ShivaShakti teaches a Hatha-Vinyasa form of asana.


The SSAYTT also emphasizes the connection of one's personal practice with the world.  Students of this program explore the healing aspect of yoga to strengthen and refine their yoga teaching skills.  The therapeutic side of yoga is cultivated through an in-depth study of Applied Anatomy and Physiology for the yoga practitioner, as well as a thorough look into the field of Ayurveda.  Students learn a unique ShivaShakti Partner Stretching Series (akin to bodywork,) which deepens the students' understanding of the musculo-skeletal system, energetic anatomy, and hands-on adjustments.  One's yoga teaching skills are honed extensively through the application of knowledge of the doshas (Ayurvedic constitutions) to yoga students.  Study of Ayurveda combined with the hands-on skills learned from the ShivaShakti Partner Stretch Series enable yoga teachers to truly adapt their classes to their students. Students also further their teaching skills through case study work under the guidance of ShivaShakti staff.  Working hand-in-hand with the advancement of one's teaching skills in the classroom, is the sharing of one's spiritual wisdom off the mat through karma yoga (selfless action.)  One of the philosophies at ShivaShakti School of Yoga is that it is not enough to attain inner peace for one's self.  In this day and age of so many people feeling the negative effects of unhealthy, out-of-balance lifestyles, those who are fortunate enough to have discovered tools for cultivating inner harmony must share their spiritual light of conscious change with our world.  Participants of the SSAYTT are encouraged to inquire into how they can share their spiritual wisdom off the mat through spiritual activism, green yoga, yogic ecology or any other number of karma yoga projects.


Participants of the SSAYTT can expect to expand their knowledge of the vast world of yoga through study of the timeless, universal teachings of yogic philosophy.  This program includes study into Patanjali's Yoga Sutras, the Bhagavad Gita and hours of Sanskrit study.  These teachings are presented in a manner through which the modern yoga practitioner can utilize these ancient teachings in today's world.  Additional teachings are given in the areas of Tantra, through study of mantra, yantra and sacred music.