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Massage, Bodywork and Healing Services

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ShivaShakti Healing Arts

At ShivaShakti Healing Arts we offer both education in the healing arts and treatments to rejuvenate your body, mind and spirit.  Our educational opportunities include Thai Yoga Bodywork Certifications, Thai Bodywork Retreats and Ayurvedic workshops.  Our array of healing arts services include Ayurvedic consultations and various Ayurvedic treatments as well as several forms of eastern and western bodywork.  Whether you want to learn more about nutrition and diet through an Ayurvedic consultation, need to release tension from your aching muscles, or you want to rejuvenate your spirit, we offer treatments for all. Our treatments are offered by experienced practitioners, Krishna Peter Perry and Aiyana Athenian, both licensed massage therapists and certified Ayurvedic consultants.  Healing arts sessions are offered out of our Camden office at the Knox Mill or by house-call.  To schedule an appointment call (207) 790-3280 or click here.  We also offer trainings in Thai Yoga Bodywork.


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Massage, Bodywork and Healing Services


THERAPEUTIC MASSAGE provides deep relaxation for the body and mind while relieving stress and muscular tension. Massage therapy improves circulation and immune function.


SHIATSU is a Japanese form of bodywork using pressure points along meridians, or energy channels, within the body. Shiatsu seeks to restore a smooth flow of one’s ki, or energy. A Shiatsu session is traditionally given on a mat, but can be give on the table, if preferred.


THAI YOGA MASSAGE originates from the buddhist monasteries of Thailand. The routine is a fusion of gentle yoga stretches of India and pressure points along the energy channels of the body reminiscent of Chinese influence.


PRENATAL MASSAGE provides soothing and relaxing touch for the body while going through the incredible time of pregnancy.


INDIVIDUALIZED YOGA NIDRA SESSIONS offer deep relaxation and healing for the body and mind through a guided practice of verbal cues, visualizations and affirmations.  An age-old yogic technique for taking one systematically through the layers of the self to restore health and relaxation to all parts of the being.




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